epicycloidal (epicycloidal) wrote,

Broken Badly

Since chupie got locked up I have been severely depressed on and off. Like a Tiffany's lamp I sparkle when I am lit up but when dull I am just a pile of glass. You like those metaphors, similes, images, allegories?

I can't seem to get this dollar bill to sprout and I'm afraid I have lost my green thumb. The captain needs payment for a never ending voyage and it may be the only possible answer this time is to jump ship.

"Dad" I says "dad you are a shitty person. Then you are a shitty person".

Painter, Cloud, and Grey. Which one holds the key? Only one of them is free, the rest demand a fee, to unlock my poor chupie.

So tomorrow I venture once again from the south to the union. Hope to see you soon if god has anymore room.

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