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I'm a loser nobodys baby now you already killed me [17 Feb 2017|01:34pm]
Don't say im too stupid im only too nice. I'm not worth the soda just barely the ice. Christ I've been at it for 15 years your my last best bff and indulge all my fears.
I sold those Jordan's for $20
I sold that iphone for $150
My ukulele for $15
My loving spirit for a big old fuck you.
My composition flows like sticky mess down your arm. Tears down my head bring me more harm. Strip and accuse las vegas steak club poker mine yours and mine.
Less than a person and this became fine.
I'm not stupid. We're not worthy. Party on etc
Maybe my trap door can be restored to purity and my chest piece will pump again.
Fran steals a cookie.


Broken Badly [22 Jan 2017|03:03am]

Since chupie got locked up I have been severely depressed on and off. Like a Tiffany's lamp I sparkle when I am lit up but when dull I am just a pile of glass. You like those metaphors, similes, images, allegories?

I can't seem to get this dollar bill to sprout and I'm afraid I have lost my green thumb. The captain needs payment for a never ending voyage and it may be the only possible answer this time is to jump ship.

"Dad" I says "dad you are a shitty person. Then you are a shitty person".

Painter, Cloud, and Grey. Which one holds the key? Only one of them is free, the rest demand a fee, to unlock my poor chupie.

So tomorrow I venture once again from the south to the union. Hope to see you soon if god has anymore room.


Chips and sober [15 Aug 2016|04:52am]
Tomorrow will mark a new change in my life. Time to push the little birdie out of the apartment. Thanks mama sherif. From there I fly to Daycare with my tiger by my side. It's quite the romance, tiger and bird. Zarbox and Chupie. We have practiced procreating with unknown results as of present. The 7 day cleanse is starting tomorrow. Perhaps they can do both a chemical and electronic sweep of the body. We can rest remote free, fuck the illuminati. Come and come already, we know your bullshit agenda, in the end we win. Are you reading this?Scanning this? Photographing this? Saving this? Shitting this? Well let me tell you a thing or two about tigers, they are vicious. Tigers defend their apple Gs with every last gram of their body and soul. Birds can peck your fucking eyes out. That's right motherfucker! You ever see a little film by this guy named Alfred Hichcock? In or out of Daycare we are ready for you because GOD is on our side and he's the best backup one could ask for. Don't be surprised if your struck by lightning. Nobody and I mean nobody fucks with my future family game night and Christmas tree.
"You gotta save him. Just don't let anything happen to him. I gotta save Dan!!"

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